Innovations using Fluoropolymers

Termin:24.06. - 25.06.2021
Ort:Festzelt, Würzburg (DE)
Am Schenkenturm

Typ:Konferenz/Tagung (Öffentlich)
Gebühr:1250 EUR pro Person zzgl. MwSt.

Fluoropolymers and their applications are in permanent competition to other high performance polymers. In order to master this challenge successfully, the existing product groups are continuously further developed and new products are enlarging the portfolio. Besides improvements in the product property profile, the permanent work to achieve better processability plays a major role, especially in regard to more economical system solutions. Through newly-balanced property profiles of Fluoropolymers in combination with new filler sets in compounds and new material composites, nowadays property profiles become real which have been held impossible not long ago. These innovations have to be driven forward considering complex regulatory requirements. New trends such as sustainability in resource utilization, as well as the re-use after reaching the end of part life get increasing importance

This specialized conference and its lectures are presenting the existing as well as new Fluoropolymers in its typical applications. Thus they are opening the insight into new applications, especially in the fields of regenerative energies and innovative driving systems, in architecture, biotechnology, pharmaceutical as well as electronic and semicon industry. Megatrends of the present, such as the paradigm shift in mobility end energy storage, require innovative system solutions – with the use of Fluoropolymers.

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