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Brief Company Profile
PLAST ENGINEERING KNAUFF was established by R. Knauff in 1971 as a trading enterprise in the plastics
industry, a consultation office for plastics technology and applications. In the collaboration of Mr. E.A. Knauff,
the company can provide 45 years of experience in the field of plastics. The development, construction, and
manufacture, as well as the production of machines for the plastics manufacture have been executed by Mr.
Knauff since 1962. We are export oriented and have a world-wide customer base. Engineers and technicians
are available for installation, start up, and service.
Machine design and construction
We have been successfully working in the field of producing and developing machines for processing plastics
since 1962.
Developments & Applications:
· Automatic Field
· Packaging Sector
· Beverage Industry
· Development for Space Science NASA
Delivery program:
EXTRUDER Plants, new and used for the manufacture of flexible film cast film / chill-roll, extruder sheeting
plants, extruder-blown film for packaging, co-extruder film plants, extruder re-granulation plants, finishing plants,
bag-making machines for shopping bags, and other bags and sacks, as well as flexo printing machines. Injection
moulding machines for all kinds of plastic articles manufacturing.
RECYCLING Plants, new and used recycling plants for crushing, washing and separating of so-called household
rubbish post consumer waste, and appropriate extruder plants.
PET RECYCLING Plants, new up to 6000 kg/h and used for the crushing of used PET bottles to make PET
flakes, washing/cleaning of the flakes, automatic sorting and separation, as well as drying of the flakes for reusable
PET raw material. Extruder-plants for regranulation for the manufacture of PET regranulate from PET
flakes / regrind material
PET Stretch Blow Moulders re-heat, new for the manufacture of PET bottles from PET preforms.
Machine Types: ECON-PETblow A4 for the fully automatic manufacture of PET bottles from PET Preforms.
With a performance of up to 3000 PET bottles/h.
ECON-PETblow A2 also fully automatic, with a performance of up to 1400 bottles/h.
ECON-PETblow 500 for a performance up to approx. 700 bottles/h with manual feeding of
the preforms. Max. container size up to 10 liter / volumen.
In the range of PET bottle manufacture for drinking water, we have developed a containerized system, called
>Mobile Water Bottling Plant<. Which is a potable complete and compact production unit factory, installed in
a ready-to-ship container, for the manufacture of PET bottles from PET performs, bottle filling capping and labeling.
The container contains our PET stretch blow moulder, UV tunnel for disinfecting the PET bottles, automatic
filling, capping also with UV light disinfection and automatic labeling of the ready filled PET bottles. The output
performance is up to 2800 to 3000 PET bottles per hour. A Water purification system can be delivered as
well. It will be installed in a separate container, adapted to the available water quality, and connected to the Mobile
Water Bottling Plant. This complete production system can also be delivered without container mobility for
installation in a factory hall.
For the manufacture of PET preforms we can offer new and used specialized PET injection moulding machines.
Remark: Our machines and production plants are manufactured in Germany or within Europe !
Pictures of the factory were our new machines and developments will be realized and constructed:


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