EBC 23 – The European Bioplastics Conference 2023

The European Bioplastics Conference is Europe’s leading business and discussion forum within the global bioplastics sector. More and more brands and manufacturers are embracing the potential of biopolymers, and policy makers are increasingly streamlining their efforts to create frameworks that benefit the growth of sustainable bio-industries. Now is the time to put bioplastics at the top of the agenda of a biobased circular economy in Europe and beyond.??

European Bioplastics e.V.

Termin:12.12. - 13.12.2023
Ort:Titanic Hotel Berlin and online, Berlin (DE)
Chausseestraße 30, 10115 Berlin

Typ:Konferenz/Tagung (Öffentlich)
Gebühr:1350 EUR pro Person zzgl. MwSt.

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