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European Association of Chemical Distributors
Rue du Luxembourg 16B
BE - 1000 Brussels
Tel.: +32 267 902 60
Fax: +32 267 273 55
The Members of FECC have identified the following main objectives for FECC: Monitoring and influencing European Legislation, Promotion of the Chemical distribution Industry and Promotion of Responsible Care. Monitoring and influencing European LegislationThis objective is considered to be one of the most critical for FECC, it is the "raison d´être" of the Association.  The following are concrete action points: Establishing and maintaining working relations with EU Institutions, i.e. with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers; important stakeholders in the Insitutions are Commissioners, Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament and their staff, as well as Permanent Representatives of Member States governments. Intensifying relations with political parties in a pro-active way, through contacts at the national and the European level Strenghtening media relations, in particular with the chemical and related press Co-ordinating activities with relevant industry organisations, at the European (e.g. CEFIC) and the national levels through frequent personal relations. These action points are achieved through: Enhanced co-operation between the FECC office in Brussels and the members of FECC; Increase external activities and contacts by Board members of FECC; Analyses of the political agenda and related information by the National Associations and the Brussels office of FECC; Frequent exchange of information by all availbale means of communication and on a case to case basis transfer of human ressources. The Brussels office of FECC is responsible for an effective monitoring of European legislative developments.  It takes initiatives to approach the EU Institutions on behalf of the Association, and identifies the organisations and peersons to be contacted.  These efforts will be channelled through the FECC office. Input, however, will also come from the Board as well as from the members of FECC.

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