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European Chemical Industry Council
Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 4
Box 1
BE - 1160 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 676 7211
Fax: +32 2 676 7300
Cefic is the Brussels-based organization representing the European chemical industry. Since its creation in 1972, Cefic has grown to become one of the largest and most efficient advocacy network amongst the industry trade organizations in Europe and in the world. representing 29 000 companies that produce about 30% of the world chemicals and employ about 1.3 million people.´ 22 national chemical federations and 6 associated federations across Europe. Over 160 multicultural staff. Over 100 Sector Groups adressing issues relative to more than 120 product families. Over 60 Strategy Implementation Groups and Issue Teams dealing with the industry's strategic concerns such as REACH, energy, environment, international trade, research & innovation and many others. More than 4000 industry experts from companies and federations participate in the Cefic groups. Close cooperation with the US, Japan and other major chemical countries through ICCA and many federations and trade unions. 

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