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European Committee of Machinery Manufacturers for the Plastics and Rubber Industries
General Secretariat: c/o VDMA, FV
KuG Postfach 71 08 64
DE - 60498 Frankfurt/M.
Tel.: + 49 69 6603 1832/1832
Fax: + 49 69 6603-1840
EUROMAP is the European committee of the national associations of machinery manufacturers for the plastics and rubber industries in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland und United Kingdom. EUROMAP is a non-profit organisation, aiming to promote the European plastics and rubber machinery industry, to protect its business interests and to deal with all matters being of relevance to its members. Technical and marketing issues have particular importance. EUROMAP represents a total of almost 4000 companies, which together have an annual turnover of nearly 15 bn EURO and have more than 116,000 employees.

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