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European Composites Industry Association
Avenue de Cortenbergh 66
BE - 1000 Brussels
Tel.: +32 273 241 24
Fax: +32 273 242 18
EuCIA is the European umbrella of the composites industry. Its main objective is representation of the European National composite Associations as well as industry specific Sector Groups, such as those targeting end-segments like automotive or those promoting particular product groups or processes. Through its Members EuCIA is promoting a good trading environment in a continuously expanding European composites network. The mission, objectives and activities of EuCIA are best represented by three key pillars: Know - Show - Grow - the World of Composites.  The main aims of EuCIA are: Promotion of composites applications due to various benefits and properties compared with traditional materials Monitoring and advocacy efforts targeting the EU’s legislative environment Development of educational programmes and industry alignment Active participation and involvement in innovative developments in the composites sector Information exchange among members across Europe, at European level Building of an international network among various stakeholders 

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