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European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers
Avenue E Van Nieuwenhuyse 4
Box 4
BE - 1160 Brussels
Tel.: + 32 2 676 7211
Fax: + 32 2 675 3935
The Brussels-based European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) represents the interests of Europe´s PVC producing companies. It is a division of PlasticsEurope (former Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe, APME). Activities Responsible CareCommitment to the environmentEffective CommunicationResponsible Care In common with the rest of the chemical industry, ECVM is working hard to reduce any effects on the environment by its activities through the ´Responsible Care´ policy of the whole chemical sector. For example, in recent years ECVM members have made substantial investments to maintain or achieve the challenging emission standards set out for VCM and PVC production in the ECVM Industry Charter, which was launched in 1984. Commitment to the environment Our industry welcomes environmental debate because it focuses attention on continuous improvements to which we are already committed.All products have an impact on the environment and ECVM is committed to reducing PVC´s impact through continuous improvement.Appropriate PVC waste management and recycling options are also key goals for the industry. Our work here includes extensive research into, for example, the size of PVC waste streams and on potential technologies in feedstock recycling - which aims to recover the basic ?? next of PVC. The project will provide important data and experience on which to base future decisions. Building on the official ECVM Waste Management Policy, issued in 1996, work began in 1998 to develop waste management plans for each member country. Effective CommunicationPVC is a first-class product and objective consideration of its advantages, as well as the scientific evidence about its environmental performance, almost always leads to acceptance. The production of all man-made products - including PVC - has some effect on the natural environment. The advantages of PVC far outweigh any environmental impact which the material might have.Therefore it is no surprise that communication with all stakeholders is one of ECVM´s core activities.

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