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Our aim is to throw light on the environmental behaviour of EPS (expanded polystyrene), putting the material into perspective. It has its advantages and, of course, some disadvantages. Even so, it is beneficial for everyone to have comparable data and solid arguments at their disposal so that opinions are formed on the basis of reality and not on rumours, erroneous information or comments picked up from dubious sources. It is the hope and objective of this website to provide the reader with serious in-depth well-documented information about the environmental behaviour of EPS, a material which says a lot about the balance and conservation of the world in which we live.International recognition of the main environmental concerns like global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, degradation of the ozone layer, acid rain and the depletion of natural resources, is shaping and in many cases changing the methods and criteria employed in selecting and using materials. The impact on the environment of a material is a crucial consideration when determining its future use. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a light and rigid foam which is widely used in the building and construction industry, mainly as thermal insulation. It is also an excellent material for packaging since its good impact properties combined with its low weight makes it an obvious choice for a myriad of uses. Nevertheless, growing concern within a highly competitive market about disfiguring our natural surroundings has led to often inexact or incomplete appraisals of the effects of materials on the environment.

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