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Nederlandse Vereniging van Rubber- en Kunststoffabrikanten
Vlietweg 16
Postbus 418
NL - 2266 KA Leidschendam
Tel.: +31 704 440 690
Fax: +31 704 440 691
The Nederlandse Vereniging van Rubber- en Kunststoffabrikanten (NVR) was founded on October 29, 1920 by a large group of companies who manufacture rubber and plastic products in the Netherlands. The NVR is a fully independent legal entity and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague. Within the NVR the member companies are clustered in sections. The Section Technical Rubber Articles (TRA) is one of them. The goal of the NVR is to represent the interests of its member companies in the broadest sense of the word, both nationally and internationally. The main activity is to supply independent information about rubber and plastic products and its applications. The NVR is the organisation in the Netherlands for market parties, politics, environmental and consumer organisations, trade unions and other organisations. By transmitting knowledge, the NVR wants to contribute to practical standards, directives and legislation for the development, use, recycling and disposal of rubber and plastic products. Important subjects which are dealt with within the NVR, are: Public relations and lobbying; Promotion of concerns; (Inter-)national environmental legislation (Inter-)national occupational health legislation; Recycling and waste disposal Certification; Test methods; Quality systems.

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