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The Rubber Manufacturs Association of Finland
Eteläranta 10
FI - 00130 Helsinki
Tel.: +35 809 172 841
Fax: +35 096 302 25
The Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland, RMAF, is a coalition of companies working within the rubber industry and of those utilizing rubber as their main raw material. The scope of the association comprises both subjects related to industrial policy and to employers' interests. The association was founded in 1961. The object of the association is to represent the interests of its members by for instance following up relevant legislative and other development both domestically and internationally, and informing members about it representing member companies in dealing with authorities, other organizations and interest groups introducing matters of interest to authorities, making statements and giving reports on topics related to rubber industry. The object of the association is not to generate profit or other direct economical benefits. The Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland is member of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland KT ry, of the Finnish Industries EK and of ETRMA, European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers' Association.

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