SIMONA AG - Multilayer Pipes with Functional Layers

The innovation: Coextruded SIMONA® PE 100 Pipes feature integral or additional interior skins made of high-molecular- weight PE or modified polyolefins. The applications: These pipes are used for hydraulic transportation of abrasive, high-impact materials such as sand, gravel or loose stones, which put considerable strain on the interior surfaces of any plastic pipe. The universal properties of SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes lend themselves to many new areas of application. In Norway, for instance, they have replaced steel pipes previously used to transport fish caught by fishing trawlers. Thanks to their smooth and resilient interior surfaces, plastic pipes prevent damage to the catch. The benefits: Due to their functional layers, the pipes boast high abrasion and impact resistance and are capable of withstanding extreme mechanical loads. Thanks to their high corrosion resistance, they also have a longer service life in highly corrosive environments. The comparatively low weight of the pipes and fittings makes them economical and easy to assemble and install.

  • SIMONA AG , Kirn (DE)
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  • Eingestellt am: 20.11.2013


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