Verbände in Niederlande

Vereniging Milieubeheer Kunststofverpakkingen
Postbus 420
NL - 2260 AK Leidschendam
Tel.: +31 704 440 640
Fax: +31 704 440 691
VMK (Vereniging Milieubeheer Kunststofverpakkingen) is the environmental management organization for the packaging industry in the Netherlands. It seeks to promote the interests of companies engaged in the supply of raw materials for plastics packaging, the production and sale of plastics packaging and the collection and recycling of plastics packaging waste. As an authority in the field of ´plastics packaging and the environment´ in the Netherlands, VMK liaises between the plastics packaging sector and government agencies, environmental organizations and consumer organizations and advises plastics packaging manufacturers on the implementation of Packaging Covenant II.

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