SIMONA AG - SIMOWOOD - extruded sheets made of Resysta®

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The innovation: In conjunction with Resysta International GmbH, SIMONA was the first company to successfully extrude a compound based on rice husks, rock salt and mineral oil into largescale sheets. The resultant material is a genuine alternative to woodbased products in both appearance and haptics. After only a short development period, 2,000 x 1,000 mm sheets as thick as 1 to 5 mm have now been produced - other sizes and thicknesses will follow. The applications: SIMOWOOD can be used for any applications where durable, sustainable and weatherproof materials that look like wood are required. Possible areas of application include wall and facadeelements, fences, high-quality outdoor furniture, car interior linings, bathroom fittings and play equipment. The benefits: Unlike comparable woodbased products, these moisture-resistant products do not swell when exposed to water, are UV-resistant and even have antislip properties when wet. This makes the material suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use - while conserving valuable resources as a viable alternative to wood from tropical forests. The generously proportioned sheets can be cut into flexible sizes or used for large-scale applications without the need for time-consuming adhesion or welding. Furthermore, just like wood, they can be sawn, drilled, spray-painted or sanded. Thanks to its good deep-drawing properties, the material also lends itself to the option of thermal processing.

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