SIMONA AG - Extruded hollow rods made of SIMONA® PE 100

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The innovation: SIMONA AG has extended the new product portfolio of SIMONA® Hollow Rods to include an extensive range of sizes and dimensions. The black-coloured hollow rods, which are extruded from PE 100, are supplied in a length of 2,000 mm and external diameters of 110 to 810 mm. Special sizes are available on request. The applications: On account of their geometry, SIMONA® Hollow Rods are the ideal material for manufacturing fittings and finished parts by means of CNC lathe machining. For instance, they are used in the production of reducers, stub flanges and special flange connections. The benefits: SIMONA® Hollow Rods combine a very high level of chemical resistance with extreme toughness and rigidity. This is complemented by a wide range of user-friendly processing methods: these include welding, milling, drilling, sawing, cutting and water-jet cutting. In view of their UV stability, they are suitable for permanent use in outdoor applications. SIMONA® Hollow Rods are certified in accordance with various standards: they are physiologically safe, food-compliant as per EU 10/2011 and the materials used conform to the quality requirements of the KRV Material Lists. They also provide significant material and cost savings compared to solid rods.

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