SIMONA AG - SIMOLIFE - Sheets for orthotics and prosthetics

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The innovation: After expanding its material portfolio to include ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), SIMONA has introduced a new product line which, for the first time, encompasses a range of different materials. With the option of sheets made from PE, PP, PETG or EVA, SIMONA® SIMOLIFE is an extensive product line specifically designed for applications in the field of orthopaedics technology. The applications: The thermoplastic sheets are used in orthopaedic systems to make prosthetic and orthotic products. These include flexible inner sockets, dynamic leg prosthetics and corsets. In addition they open up new application areas beyond orthopaedics. This means SIMONA® SIMOLIFE EVA sheets can for instance be used in railroad construction as vibration-dampening layers between tracks and sleepers. The benefits: As a system supplier, SIMONA offers a comprehensive range of material choices in its SIMOLIFE product line for countless applications in the orthopaedic sector. The materials are generally very light, physiologically safe and well tolerated by most skin types, in addition to ensuring long-lasting, functional use. The sheets are easy to process and display excellent dimensional stability, which enables orthopaedic specialists to customise orthotic and prosthetic parts to suit the individual anatomy of each patient.

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